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To contact TwoTrees for divinations and retreats, tt@ktwotrees.org

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"Vivid - Purposeful Living" - hosted by Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees Kaylynn offers ideas and techniques for vivid & purposeful living and interrupting limiting behavior. 


Great Mystery, the Earth and the creative impulse have guided my life. I continue to share what I learn from them. Throughout this website you will see the diverse ways in which this is expressed.

Divination is an ancient gift to remind humans of our multidimensional nature. It is a gift I have shared since childhood. Divination and Guidance offers a portal to your deepest self so you can access a clear sense of WHAT are your essential gifts and HOW to unravel the thoughts and behavior that limit you.

Individual Retreats are based on building a dynamic and intimate relationship with both Earth and Mystery in order to enhance personal awareness and a purposeful life. It is an individually designed experience.

Earth Teachings are based on the Earth cycles and remind us of our connection to the Earth. These teachings help re-awaken the memory of ourselves as a part of the Earth and our access to the wisdom available through Her. It is both a deeply spiritual and intensely practical way to nourish your life, your relationships, and your work.

Seven Directions Practice® is an Earth centered contemplative practice and spiritual technology that offers a way to align our life in relationship with the Earth’s rhythms and cycles to navigate a purposeful and creative life in a complex world. The Practice helps us chart a life that is continually nourished by the wisdom and healing of the Earth and gives us ways of applying that wisdom to our work, community and relationships.

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